People – tolerance and fairplay

Wrocław today is not only a charming Market Square that captivates tourists, it is not only a city-host of the European Championships in football, not only “home” for nearly 200 dwarfs, and not only a place where the annual Guinness record for the simultaneous playing of “Hey Joe” on guitar is held. It’s not just the European Capital of Culture 2016, a seat of esteemed music festivals and the city of the most successful basketball club in Poland, as well as the Polish football champion. It is primarily its open residents thanks to whom it is all possible.

The turbulent history of the city made Wrocław as it is today a space for different views, cultures and ways of thinking. Wrocław residents are open, they “play fair” and gain respect and admiration abroad. Many of the tourists who have visited Wrocław say that they want to come back here. When asked why, they have no doubt – it’s the residents who give the city its unique atmosphere. This is undoubtedly one of the strongest features of the capital of Lower Silesia – we not only proudly organize various events, but we host a variety of them. Wrocław – the meeting place. Wrocław – a host city.