What to see?

Market Square and surroundings

rynek 002-1It is a place that bursts with life 24 hours a day. On the Market Square you will find clubs, pubs and restaurants serving almost every type of cuisine. There are plenty of colorful houses here, where one can find gift shops, bookshops and galleries. Look for interesting places on the streets around the market – you will notice small boutiques, cafes and bistros. The skyline of the market and the whole of Wrocław is best admired from the tower of the church of St. Elizabeth, or the bridge between the towers of the church of Mary Magdalene.

District of Four Denominations

There is a real gem near the market – the District of Four Denominations or Four Temples, where different cultures and religions intersect. This is a place of various concerts, the New Horizons cinema with ambitious films in its repertoire, and a number of restaurants and cozy cafes. One can drink good wine and read a book in these premises, or try dishes in one of the best restaurants in town.

Cathedral Island (Ostrów Tumski)

imgwro 079-11Once an island, now the oldest part of the city landscape with a towering cathedral. An area of temples, where you can explore the magnificent gardens, a living nativity scene, old churches and the Oder waterfront. There are ships by the Włostowica Boulevard – you can buy a ticket for a cruise on the river and explore the city in this way.


Centennial Hall, Pergola, Japanese Garden and Szczytnicki Park

smiglowiec 156-33Close to the largest park in Wrocław – Szczytnicki Park – there is the powerful Centennial Hall. It is a monument inscribed on the UNESCO list. Host to numerous sporting events, concerts and fairs. In addition to Hall, there is a multimedia fountain at the Pergola. Every hour one can see here the spectacle of lights, music and water. Just round the corner from Hall and Pergola, there is a picturesque Japanese garden, which blooms in spring and in autumn sparkles with red. It’s a favorite place of newlywed couples. Szczytnicki Park is an oasis of peace and a favorite place for weekend walks of Wrocław residents.