Wroclaw Marathon – everything you need to know
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Wroclaw Marathon – everything you need to know

Keep up with the Wrocław dwarfs at the distance of 42 kilometres!

The 33rd PKO Wrocław Marathon is one of the largest cross-country events in Poland. As early as next Sunday morning, on 13 September, 6500 sports challenges lovers will run in the streets of Wrocław.

Exactly at 9 a.m. the crowd of runners set off from the Olympic Stadium (start and finish) and run in the most important streets of the city – Kochanowski Street, Żmigrodzka Street,  Lotnicza Street (at the Wrocław Stadium),  Grabiszyńska Street, and Sienkiewicz Street (the route map is available on a video below). The broadcasting from the 33rd PKO Wrocław Marathon can also be seen on-line.

In addition, every marathon runner will be able to run for the “life record” along with the pacemakers, who will designate the individual time zones (3h 15 min., 3h 30 min., 3h 45 min., 4h, 4h 15 min., 4h 30 min., 4h 45 min., 5h).

At the Olympic Stadium, except for the main run (at a distance of 42 km and 195 m), there will be also two additional runs – the charity relay race “Run on Hope” , and “PKO Family Run – Olympic Mile” .

This is not the end of attractions. Next to the “Marathon Village”, you will be able to find our team in a special spherical tent of The 2017 World Games, where thanks to the virtual reality glasses, you will be able to learn the disciplines that can be found in The World Games in 2017.  The device makes the fans will look at the world through the eyes of the parachutist or Muay Thai player (more information about TWG2017 disciplines here).

Around the tent you will also find (but not only) the local players of TWG sports, who in less than two years will have a chance to compete on the Wrocław arenas. The orienteering, lacrosse, squash, unihokey, american floorball, rowing, ultimate, korfball, snooker and muay-thai players informed about their participation. The event will be accompanied by The World Games 2017 mascots – Jaś and Małgosia.

We wish every player to beat the existing “life record”, and we encourage the fans to actively support their idols!