World Championships in Korfball 2015
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World Championships in Korfball 2015

The International Korfball Federation conducted the draw for the groups of the 10th World Championship, which are held in Belgium. Poland went to the group with Taiwan, Catalonia, and Hong Kong.

korfThus, our predictions about specifying the geographic groups (as was the case repeatedly) did not met, and the composition of the group, apart from the pre-established baskets, was decided by the fate. The baskets fully reflect the current IKF rankings (“A” basket contained the teams from 1-4 places; “B” basket contained the teams from 5-8 places, etc.). The top two teams from each group will fight for 1-8 places, and the remaining teams for 9-16 places.

Was it a good draw? You can imagine the better one, e.g. if, instead of Catalonia, Australia was drawn, with which we went a lot better than with the representatives of the Iberian Peninsula. Another opponent, Hong Kong, seems to be the team, with which we can fight for three points, and it will probably be easier with Hong Kong than Russia or Germany. Being drawn from the last basket (the 13th Polish place in the IKF ranking), we could not hit on Brazil, Hungary and South Africa. From the first basket, each of the three medal winners of the WC is currently the team rather out of reach, but Portugal is currently a very difficult opponent.

We remind that Korfball is one of the 31 sports that will be played in 2017 in Wrocław during the 10th The World Games.