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The sensational score in the European Cup. The bronze medal was won by It is the best position in the Polish history in floorball competition!

This year’s European Cup was held in the town of Kieś, Latvia, from 6 to 10 October. Poland was represented by the Female Champions of Poland – MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ. The current champions left to Latvia shortly after weekend meetings with the  vice-champions from Trzebiatów, with whom they won twice, which resulted in good performance in the Cup.


In the first match of the EFC, the Champions of Poland fought with the Latvian champions, i.e. Rubene team. The meeting ended with the result 4-3 for the hosts. In the next meeting, rather without history, the girls from Podhale fought with Spain from CDE El Valle, with whom they won 13-2, which assured place in the semi-finals. In the semi-finals the team from Podhale confronted with the Nauka MP team, which won in its group without losing any goal. The match can be safely described as the most interesting of all meetings in this year’s Cup. Only the Poles managed to threaten Russians enough to pick up the victory, and if not weaker first third, during which Podhale lost 4 goals, the course of this match could have been different. Unfortunately, there was not time to recovery, and our champions had to accept losing 4-5. MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ, despite one victory and two defeats, can consider its performance as successful.


For the first time in the history of appearances of the Polish clubs in European Cups, we have won a place on the podium, and the girls have shown their will to fight. They almost won playing in the final meeting with much more experienced and titled team of Nauka MP from Russia, which has won the competition for the second time, and therefore it will have the opportunity to play in the Champions Cup. 

The best Polish player was Katarzyna Fuła, who was selected to the All-Stars team. It is worth noting that in this group she is the only player not involved in the final match.

text/photo: http://www.pzunihokeja.pl/