Water sports wrap up on the Stara Odra
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Water sports wrap up on the Stara Odra


The favourites in women’s ski jumping did not disappoint. Natalia Berdnikava of Belarus proved her superiority with a jump of 48,8 m – a mere 60 cm father than Greece’s Marie Vympranietsovej (48,2 m). The bronze went to Finland’s Jutta Menestrina (47,7 m).

The men’s ski jumping competition was won by Bojan Schipner. In the grand finale, the German leaped 64,6 m. Second place went to Chilean Rodrigo Miranda (who also took silver in The World Games 2013) despite the fact that he placed only seventh in the elimination round. The bronze went to Aliaksandr Isayeu of Belarus.

Unfortunately, Igor Morozov, who took a bronze medal in 2013, missed out on a medal this time around. Even more surprising is the fact that Jack Critchley (Great Britain) the winner in ski jumping eliminations also failed to medal. His best jump in the final round was only 58,2 m whereas his elimination result was 60,5 m.


Alice Virag, the favourite in women’s wakeboarding, failed to live up to expectations and only took bronze. Interestingly enough, the gold went to Nicola Butler, who in the elimination round was not even classified and only reached the final through LSQ (Last Chance Qualifiers).

Japan’s Shota Tezuka ended up being unstoppable in the men’s competition. The tournament’s favourite claimed gold with a result of 87,89. Second place went to Yun Snaghyun of South Korea (76,22) and third place to Israel’s Guy Firer (70,89).