Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the age limit to become a volunteer?

Volunteer of The World Games 2017 can be any person who is at least 16 years old at the start of the Games. We invite youth, students, adults and seniors.

2) What criteria will be taken into consideration in the selection of candidates?

We will assess such factors as the availability (preferred people should be available throughout the duration of the Games), experience in volunteering and organizing sports events, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and various disciplines of The World Games 2017.

3) Until when can I apply?

We collect volunteers’ applications until 28th of February 2017. After this date we will contact all candidates in order to inform them whether they have been qualified for The World Games 2017 Volunteers Program and determine their exact schedule of work and responsibilities.

4) When will the final list of the volunteers be announced?

The final list will be announced at the end of March 2017.

5) What are the differences between competitions support and teams support?

Competitions support means working during sport events, while the teams support means working with athletes and sports federations also outside the sports venue (eg. in process of accommodation, accreditation, language support, etc.). Of course, the group responsible for the teams support will also be present at the competition, supporting players eg. in transport.

6) When will the volunteers’ training start?

Online training will be held in May and June 2017. During this period we also plan to organize meetings in our office in Wrocław – mainly for Wrocław inhabitants. We invite all the interested people from other cities as well, however we would like to inform you that we will not cover the travel costs – therefore the training will not be mandatory. The final training sessions will take place one day before the start of the Volunteers work – according to the schedule which will be sent to all Volunteers.

8) Are the trainings obligatory?

Participation in online trainings and final training sessions (one day before the start of Volunteers work) is mandatory for each volunteer.

9) Will the accommodation be provided during the training time?

For the final training sessions directly before the Games accommodation is provided for people from outside Wrocław.

10) What benefits will be provided to The Volunteers during The World Games 2017?

All Volunteers will receive: alimentation (at least one hot meal per day), free use of public transportation during The World Games, clothing, insurance and certificate of participation in volunteering. For Volunteers from other cities/countries we provide accommodation for the duration of The World Games.

11) Do the organizers cover the costs of travel?

We do not cover travel expenses of volunteers to/from Wroclaw. However, we provide free use of public transportation during The World Games.

12) Can a person reported to one discipline/area be assigned to other tasks?

We want all the volunteers to work in areas of their own choice. However, due to the large number of tasks, there is a possibility to assign volunteers to other areas than originally assumed. This will be consulted with the candidates before the final determination of the volunteers’ list (March 2017).

13) Do I need to give my clothes back after completing my work as the Volunteer?

No, all clothes given at the beginning of the work belong to The Volunteers.

14) Can Volunteers participate in the Opening Ceremony of The World Games?

Yes, we are looking for approx. 160 volunteers to support the logistics of the Opening Ceremony and take part in presentation of the Athletes.  The rest of the volunteers will be able to sit in the audience and watch the Opening Ceremony.

16) How many days before the start of the Games should I come to Wroclaw?

Competition schedule and your job schedule will be sent in April. Basically, you will need to be in Wrocław one day before the start of Your competition. In some cases (Airport Welcome Desk, Accreditation Centre) the Volunteers work will start on 16th July, 2017.

17) Can volunteers attend competitions during their free time?

Yes, we will keep you informed about free seats for volunteers in the stands.

18) Will the volunteers have to provide their photo in order to put it on the volunteer’s badge?

Yes, we will need your photo. More details will be given soon.


If You have any more questions to ask, please contact us at:

Since February we invite you to our Volunteer Center which is located on Wita Stwosza 43 Street.
Here you will get all the important information about volunteering and meet coordinators, who will answer your questions and dispel doubts. Open daily Mon-Fri in hours: 8.30am-4.30pm