The 10th World Games are here
Opening Ceremony

The 10th World Games are here

The first act in the dramatic event which is the 10th Edition of The World Games was the Opening Ceremony witnessed by thousands at Wrocław Stadium. It featured the spectacular parade of athletes and participants in the Games. The sport competitions get underway the 21 of July and will include as first in the lineup of many – aero sport, bowling, roller sport, ultimate frisbee and sport climbing.

The Games got off to a good start with an impressive multi-media display. A large number of Polish artists, including dance troupes and popular singers entertained the assembled fans and guests on three stages set up in Wrocław Stadium. The musical part of the ceremony was highlighted by a fantastic overture from the symphony orchestra directed by Radzimir Dębski and featuring a hip-hop arrangement of several classical pieces.

The event enjoyed the presence of several well-known figures from the sport world: Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, Jose Perurena, President of the International World Games Association, Andrzej Kraśnicki, Chairman of the Polish Olympic Committee and Witold Bańka, Minister of Sport and Tourism.

Fans also had the chance to enjoy an expansive account of the host city Wrocław’s history and the spectacular parade of the athletes of the 10th World Games. The Polish national teams – in keeping with tradition – were presented last to the assembled fans and guests at Wrocław Stadium.

Thomas Bach opened the Ceremony at precisely 20.31 after which the athletes, trainers and judges took their oaths. The athletes were represented in the ceremonial oath-taking by Róża Gumienna, a native of Wrocław who will be competing in The World Games 2017 in kick-boxing.

Steve Nash and his band of seven DJs – Turntable Orchestra, Kamil Bednarek, Dawid Kwiatkowski, Natalia Sikora and Igor Herbut with his band Lemon as well as Varius Manx with Kasia Stankiewicz also appeared on stage. The latter performed the official hymn of The World Games 2017 “Run” for the first time.

Thanks to the the cooperation and hard work of all the hundreds of artists we had here, we were able to pull off a spectacular and unforgettable show – really on par with what you would see in an Olympic Games Openin Ceremony,” commented Opening Ceremony Producer Krzysztof Materna. “In the course of two hours we saw the best Polish musicians, dancers and athletes – all of whom represented Poland in the very best way possible. We were also able to show what it means to be united and in harmony – above and beyond any differences that may come during the course of The World Games. The whole richness of music and original pieces together with classics that everyone knows made the show really unique. And the reaction of fans in the stands was incredible. I hope that the atmosphere of the Opening Ceremony can stay with us, athletes, fans and residents of Wrocław throughout the coming days of competition.”

The main producer of the Opening Cermony – Barosz Bieszyński, also commented, „We put on the biggest athletic spectacle that has ever taken place in Poland. It more than two hours long, with three stages, 400 artists, singing, dancing and making music – all of which was transmitted to over 120 countries world-wide. And before this we had 6 months of hard work in preparing, so many trials, and twenty days of set-up using more than 300 tonnes of material brought in by a whole mass of trucks. But we’re glad that everyone really put their heart into this event – more than 1000 people who brought such positive energy. We’d like to thank The World Games and the city of Wrocław for the trust they put in us and we are proud of the fact that we could put together a ceremony on such a high level – with the help of our partners from the agency Walk.”