Proudly competing for medals while wearing the Polish eagle!
Opening Ceremony

Proudly competing for medals while wearing the Polish eagle!

The organisers of the 10th edition of The World Games recently unveiled the treasure trove of trophies specially prepared for TWG2017 – in total 220 sets of medals for the best athletes of the Games. The designer of the medals is a Wrocław artist, Professor Mateusz Dworski, lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. Attendees at the press conference organised for the occasion also had the opportunity to view the outfits which Polish athletes will wear during TWG2017. The uniforms, designed by Polish athletic-wear brand 4F, were modelled by Magdalena Nowakowska and Michał Bąbos, members of the Polish national karate team.

TWG2017 medals – a work of art by Professor Mateusz Dworski

Two different sets of medals have been prepared for the athletes competing in TWG2017. The larger set of medals has a diameter of 8 cm. The smaller version, with a diameter of 6 cm, is reserved for winners of this year’s invitational sports. The face of the medals features The World Games logo, while the reverse displays the original work of Professor Mateusz Dworski. In the centre of the medal is a globe containing the image of the famous Wrocław City Hall building. Around it are a group of athletes, each in motion. The smaller medals for invitational sport athletes are identical except that the reverse features 4 athletes – one for each of the disciplines chosen by the host city – instead of the 9 on the larger version. The medals were produced by the Polish National Mint, known for the high quality of its work.

We are looking forward to a very special sporting event in Wrocław,” commented Magdalena Piasecka, Vice-President of Wrocław. “Our country will be represented by a sizeable group of athletes during The World Games 2017 and I hope – for us and for them – that many of these beautifully-created medals will end in their hands.”

Athletic uniforms sponsored by TWG2017 partners

 It is also worth noting that the outfits to be worn by members of the Polish national teams – in the national colours and bearing the image of the white eagle – were financed by the Polish Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. They were produced by 4F – a Polish company.

We will be proud to see our national representatives during the parade of athletes wearing uniforms produced by a Polish brand (4F).” added Marian Dymalski, a member of the board of the Polish Olympic Committee. “They are both attractive and functional. I believe that our athletes will feel good in them – and I think they like them too.

About the artist

Professor Mateusz Dmowski was born and still lives in Wrocław. He studied in the Department of Painting, Graphic Art and Sculpture PWSSP in Wrocław (1988-1994). He received a diploma with honours while working under the guidance of Professor Halina Pawlikowska. From 2003 to 2013 he was an assistant in the Mała Forma i Medal studio, directed by Professor Jacek Dworski. From 2013 to 2016 he was an assistant to Professor Aleksander Zyśki in the same studio. Since 2016 he has directed the work of the studio. His areas of expertise include medal work, small-form sculpture, drawing and graphics. His accomplishments include numerous individual and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Professor Dworski has carried out a large number of interesting projects: medals, memorial plaques, statues, flat sculptures and badges.