About Speedway

SpeedwaySpeedway is one of the most spectacular motorsport disciplines. Riders taking part in the competition race on tracks that are similar in shape to an oval, usually for four laps, with one starting point for all participant. It is notable that the track is always run in a counter-clockwise direction. Speedway motorcycles have no gearbox or brakes. In speedway on classic tracks, the race takes place over four laps and in each race there are four riders. This kind of speedway is the most popular in Poland, Sweden and the UK, and these countries have some of the most developed league games in the world. Poles who have achieved the world title so far are Jerzy Szczakiel and Thomas Gollob.
The heart of Wrocław speedway is WTS Sparta Wrocław, which dates back to 1950s. The club won four gold medals in the Polish Team Championship, and the players were repeatedly rewarded in the individual standings. The Olympic Stadium, which will be renovated before The World Games 2017, has often hosted events of global importance. Even today, for many residents of Wrocław speedway is more than just a visit to the stadium – every time it is a sporting festival.

The World Games Disciplines:

  • Speedway

Speedway is proposed by Wrocław as a sport to be invited at TWG 2017.