About Korfball

Korfball makes one of the most positive statements about gender equality in sports. The game bears strong resemblance to basketball – from which it evolved – but it is based on full collaboration between the two sexes. While four men and four women team up on each side, only players of the same sex oppose each other directly on the field of play. With teamwork being paramount in korfball, individual class is much desired, individual play such as dribbling, however, is ruled out. A game lasts two times 30 minutes. Scoring is possible with shots taken while closing in on the “korf “(Dutch for basket) at high speed, shots from far away – with unbelievable accuracy – and penalty shots after severe fouls. In 2010 and 2013 team AZS Wrocław was the best in Poland.

During The World Games 2017 – the competition will be held at WKK Sport Center.

TWG 2017 Discipline

  • Mixed Teams


Participants in The World Games 2017 competition:

  • Holand,
  • Poland (host of country),
  • Taiwan,
  • China,
  • Belgium,
  • Great Britain,
  • Australia,
  • Germany.




International Korfball   Federation

International Korfball Federation

Polish Association of Korfball