About Floorball

FlorballFloorball is a team sport. Every team consists in five field players and a goalkeeper whose task is to prevent a ball from getting into a goal. A field is a rectangle of 40×20 meters surrounded by a 50-centimeter-high board with rounded corners. A player can control the ball only with a blade ending a stick and they are not allowed to use hands, shoulders, or head. Only once may a player use other parts of body (they must use the blade before they touch the ball with their body for the next time). This way a player may be privileged while catching a high ball on a chest (however, it is not allowed to take both feet off the ground) or receiving it with a foot from a player from their team. Yet they are not allowed to use a leg for a shot at goal or a pass. The effective game time is 3×20 minutes. The ball used in this game is made of plastic, with a 72-milimeter diameter and a maximum weight of 23 grams. It has as many as 26 holes. World championships are held by the International Floorball Federation (IFF) and they take place every two years (one year for men, the other for women). The European Cup is the second most prestigious world’s club competition. The teams participating in it are the best ones from the countries whose federations are ranked below 4th place by the IFF.

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