Dance Sport

About Dance Sport

Cance SportDance Sport is all about balancing the artistry of dance with the athleticism of a physically taxing sport. What needs to come across as an effortless succession of steps or moves to music is, in fact, a hard aerobic workout. And athletic prowess must combine with artistry in order to produce a truly captivating performance on the parquet.

Dance Sport calls for the athletes to use a prescribed technique together with their rhythmic interpretation. However, technical competence in itself does not automatically constitute quality in Dance Sport. All athletes are challenged to demonstrate a perfect synthesis between their proper technique, artistic skills and athleticism. Physical conditioning, hard work, stern discipline, mental training and, above all, imagination are the prerequisites for athletes to achieve excellence in Dance Sport. The biographies of the top competitive couples tell the stories of inspired people in permanent search of perfection.

TWG 2017 Disciplines

  • Standard
  • Latin
  • Rock’n’Roll
  • Salsa