Polish floorball national team…
TWG 2017

Polish floorball national team…

Floorball World Championships held in Helsinborg, Sweden, have come to an end. Polish national man team presented a great form and for the first time in history took the 6th place in ranking! During the group phase, Polish team expectedly lost the game with Czech Republic and Sweden. The game for the third place in the group was played against Norway. Both match with Czech Republic and Sweden (five-time world champion), was a good performance of Poland, even though they lost.

Our team has proven they are not there just to maintain their place in the highest division, but also to fight with every opponent. As we mentioned before, the meeting with Norway was vital as to the possibility of aiming for the 5th place in ranking. Poles showed a great knowledge and understanding of their rival and won 6-4, earning their way up in this tournament. The last game (played against Slovakia) was the poorest performance yet. Slovakia has been showing dominance all the way and the final result was 12-2 for our opponents. Regardless of this defeat, Poland earned the highest place in the history of Polish men team.


As a consolation price, our keeper, Wojciech Komperda was the second best player in his category in the entire classification of the Division A! Polish women national team is also worth mentioning – in February they advanced to the World Championships during the eliminations in Poznan. Women World Championships will be hosted in Tampere (Finland). More info: www.pzunihokeja.pl and www.facebook.com/pzunihokeja