Polish american football with a star-studded football coaching staff
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Polish american football with a star-studded football coaching staff

Does the Polish Representation of American Football have a chance to get into the European elite in the next few years and achieve success during The World Games 2017? All the indications are that the masters of The World Games 2005 and the former players of NFL Europe will strengthen the Polish Representation coaching staff.

fot. Raimond Spekking – american football final on TWG2005

During the preparation process of the Polish Representation in American Football to The World Games 2017, training support will be provided by the coaches who won the gold medal in the previous Non-Olympic Games, in which the football tournament was played. The host team won in TWG held in Germany in 2005. Invaluable experience, extensive knowledge and achieved success have created an excellent training team with the contemporary masters, which will help our representatives to succeed in Wrocław competitions.

Sebastian Tuch – the former coach of the third line players and the special formations of the German representation, will be the coordinator of defence formations of the White and Red team. The professional career of Tuch was excellent. He played in NFL Europe in the colours of Berlin Thunder, he won three medals in the European Championships and the bronze medal in the World Championships. In addition, he successfully represented his clubs in the German league competitions and in the European Cups. Apart from the indisputable knowledge, Tuch’s assets involve experience gained during The World Games 2005, in which he was in the safety position in the host tournament team.

Joachim Ullrich is another ace in the coaching staff of the Polish Representation. He is known in the European football as a quarterback, inter alia, the German national team during the TWG 2005. Its excellent attitude in the final match against Sweden provided him with the title of the most valuable player of the tournament. The special achievements of Ullrich regarded as one of the best in the history of quarterbacks occurring in Europe also include victory in 1999 with Frankfurt Galaxy in the NFL Europe competition. Jo Ullrich will train the quarterbacks of the Polish Representation, including their individual care during matches and during specially organized clinics.

The coaches group will be expanded by Eugen Heidt – an experienced player and coach of the offensive line, whose football resume includes the linebacker position as well. As a coach, he worked with Frankfurt Universe and Marburg Mercenaries teams. Heldt is considered one of the best specialists in Europe in training the offensive line.

Two Poles come back to the coaching staff of the Polish Representation in American football; they live abroad and have cooperated with the representatives since 2013. Filip Pawełka, a former NFL and NCAA Europe player, having vast league and representation experience, will train the wingers. He was the most important in the German team, which triumphed in European and World Championships. They were a team, along with Ullrich, which all defence formations feared. Filip Pawełka has been one of the driving forces of the Polish team for a long time.

The defensive line players will be trained by Michał Latek, who represented, inter alia, the colours of one of the strongest clubs in Europe – Vienna Vikings. His expertise and skilful approach to the players were important during the previous training camps, after which the representatives told about his advantages.

The current coaching staff of the Polish Representation in American Football is faced with a challenge – there is less than a month left to the nearest meeting with Belgium, and a meeting with Russia will be in two weeks more. The choice of such experienced professionals as Tuch, Ullrich, Heidt, Pawełka and Latek, who are known not only for being the best coaches, athletes but also mentors allows us to believe that the representation will catch momentum, and the coaches’ earlier successes will be transferred onto our soil.

We remind you that american football is one of the 31 disciplines, which will be played in Wrocław in 2017 during The World Games 2017.

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