Pole sets world record in powerlifting!
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Pole sets world record in powerlifting!

Wednesday marked the last day of powerlifting competitions during The World Games 2017. In the super heavyweight classification, Krzysztof Wierzbicki took fifth place – but despite missing out on a medal, he managed to set a new world record in the deadlift (IPF). The Polish powerlifter raised a whopping 420 kg!

At the decisive moment, the more than 1 500 fans in attendance at the National Forum of Music stood to their feet and applauded Wierzbicki’s amazing feat.

“We really didn’t expect to get this far and actually just being here and participating in The World Games is a great honour,” said his trainer (and wife) Marzena. “Krzysiek was in top form, especially in the deciding round.” She herself took part in the women’s super heavy weight contest several hours earlier in the day.

Altogether Marzena Wierzbicka lifted a total of 560 kg (220 squat, 130 benchpress and 210 deadlift). After factoring in her bodyweight (74,2 kg) the combined mass gave her a total of 535 points – good enough for seventh place. Tatiana Melnik of Ukraine, weighing in at a kilo less than Wierzbicka, took silver. She was practically inconsolable, however, as she missed out on gold by a mere 2,35 points. She ended up losing to American Bonica Lough (600,71 points) whose total was 763 kg (310-205-247,5) – a new world record.

The men’s contest got off to a rough start. Three contestants whiffed on their first three attempts, which sent them (prematurely) packing, with no hope of medalling. One of them was the competition favourite – Ukrainian Oleksij Byczkow. In the deadlift, the erstwhile leader (475 squat and 405 benchpress), American giant Blaine Sumner did not manage a single raise – a fact which brought tears to his eyes. His stumble ended up a blessing for Ukrainian Oleksij Orkoczij, who stole the gold “reserved” for the world champion from Colorado

Poland’s Krzysztof Wierzbicki (body weight 105 kg) squatted with a 20 kg bar and an additional 280 kg in weights. On the bench, he banged out 200 kg and in the deadlift, with each successive lift, improved on the (now) former world record: 388, 408,5 and finally 420 kg. Altogether Mr and Mrs Wierzbicki lifted a total of nearly half a tonne (1480 kg) on the stage at the NFM!

On a humorous note – JarosławOlech, TWG 2017 gold medallist in powerlifting (middleweight), when asked by a TV operator to display his recently acquired gold medal, commented that it was his third gold (after winning in 2009 and 2013), but only the second “good one.” Four years ago in Cali, Columbia he received a medal, made of gold, but bearing the inscription “THE WORD GAMES.”

In Wrocław, they didn’t mess it up,” he added. “And besides that, everything was organised perfectly in the NFM. My heartfelt thanks to a great crowd.”