Olivia Czupryńska is the winner of the European Cup Euro Tour 9 balls!
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Olivia Czupryńska is the winner of the European Cup Euro Tour 9 balls!


In the grand final, the Polish player defeated Kateryne Polovinchuk from Ukraine, 7-2, and won her first gold medal in the event of the Euro Tour 9 balls.

Olivia Czupryńska (the player of Nosan Kielce), which has already won two gold medals at the European Championships (individual and team) has never won a major ranking competitions for women in Europe. It has changed just today (i.e. 30 November) in the Italian Traviso.

Olivia superbly presented herself during the last of this year’s competition and proved to be the best in the finals with the representative of Ukraine – Kateryne Polovinchuk, 7 to 2. The road to victory, however, was very long and heavy. She had to play as many as nine meetings.

This time, the rest of our billard players did worse, both Monika Ząbek and Izabela Łącka (both representing Pino Dębica Club) took 33. place in the competition.

Now, our currently the best player will be played in this year’s Women’s Polish Super Cup and the finals of the Polish Cup, of which Czupryńska is the overwhelming favourite.

The road of Czupryńska to victory:

Helvik Ine (Norway) 7-5

Ina Kaplan (Germany) 0-7

Laura Mateo (Portugal) 7-2

Michel Jasmin (Germany) 7-3

Silvia Lopez (Spain) 7-3

Caroline Ross (Sweden) 7-6

Line Kjorsvik (Norway) 7-2

Marika Poikkijoki (Finnland) 7-5

Final: Kateryne Polovinchuk (Ukraine) 7-2

The competition was attended by 61 players from 19 countries. The complete results of the competition can be found on the website: www.womeneurotouronline.com

Source: The Polish Billiard Association