Officially: New Guinness World Record in the game of squash!
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Officially: New Guinness World Record in the game of squash!

PFS_Squash-Guinness_ENGOn Sunday, 14 June, the resident of Szczecin, Piotr Misiło, set new Guinness record by playing 100 squash sparrings – one after the other. He did it in just over 17 hours. The previous record belonged to the Briton, David Lloyd, who played 69 meetings in 2011. Officially, the record has been approved in September!

The June competition started on Saturday at 21:15 and finished on Sunday at approx. 14:15. The matches were held in a specially built glass court in Szczecin. The meetings were played in “Best of 5” system, i.e. to three won sets.

I feel great, although I am all in pain.  It will probably stay like this for the next few days. The hardest part was at approx. 3:00-4:00 in the morning when the tired body demanded sleep, and when I was playing the 95the game. I was very tired and I thought I would not be able to reach the planned hundred – he said after the competition. Piotr Misiło has been a leader in the ranking of the Polish Squash Federation in his age category 40+ since June (full ranking can be found here).

I have prepared intensively to beat this record since 1 February. Within 130 days, I had 115 training sessions that took me over 205 hours. I hope that this event will contribute to popularization of this discipline in Poland. Thank you everyone, who helped me to achieve this – he added.

Misiło won 85 of 100 played games, and establishment of record took him exactly 17 hours 1 minute and 2 seconds. On behalf of the Wrocław Organizing Committee of The World Games 2017 – CONGRATULATIONS!

source: The Polish Squash Federation, the Guiness World Records