Meet the Opening Ceremony stars!
TWG 2017

Meet the Opening Ceremony stars!

– The Opening Ceremony will be strong introduction to The World Games. We would like to present Wroclaw, Lower Silesia and Poland in the best comprehensive way. It will be very important moment for the whole event, because we already know that the event will be transmited to many countries all over the world – from Germany to China! – says Marcin Przychodny, the president of Wroclaw Organizing Commitee.

The Ceremony takes place on 20th of July at 7 p.m. in the Wroclaw Stadium and it will last 2 hours. Over 400 artists will perform at three stages!

Krzysztof Materna (the artistic director of the show) ensure that the artists selection was intentional. The repertory includes various music styles and should be loved by every music fan. We will hear the popular polish POP, pop-rock, reggae i classic music stars.

Dawid Kwiatkowski

Young (21 years old) polish singer, known as “Polish Justin Bieber”. He has a thousand of teenager’ fans, who  follow his concert tour. His debut album “9893” was recorded in the history of polish music as the first album,which was certified gold for three weeks before the premiere. In 2014 he was awarded the MTV EMA Award for the Best Polish Artist and the Best Eastern European Artist.

Radzimir „Jimek” Dębski

He comes from the music family – his father, Krzesimir Dębski is polish composer and his mother Anna Jurksztowicz is a singer. We’ve heard him for the first time because of him phenomenal remix of Beyonce’s song “End of Time,” which was admired by fans, but also by the singer, who posted a new version of her song in her minialbum “4: The Remix”. Outstanding composer of film and entertainment music, as well as conductor and music producer.

Steve Nash & Turntable Orchestra

Steve Nash & Turntable Orchestra is an innovative musical project EN aiming at connecting two entirely different musical worlds – classical music and turn- tablism, using the sounds of orchestra, grand piano and turntables operated by 7 DJ’s.
The soundscape will comprise an electronic music compilation based on mixed audio material. The entirety of the project will focus on sounds typical for classical music but engineered with tools characteristic for the contemporary styles, mainly electronic music and jazz.

Kamil Bednarek

Polish reggae and dancehall vocalist, songwriter, composer and musician. He is best known as the runner-up in the third series of Mam talent!. From 2008 to 2012, Bednarek was the lead singer of Star Guard Muffin, and with the band he released a studio album Szanuj (Respect, 2010), which peaked at no. 1 in Poland, as well as two EPs. Since 2012, he’s been the lead vocalist of a band named Bednarek, which released a number-one album Jestem… (I am) in November 2012.

Igor Herbut z zespołu LemOn

His musical career has began with participation in the 3rd edition of Must Be the Music. Only music. Herbut spontaneously invited several other musicians, formed the Lemon band, who reached the finale and also won the show’s main award. Next year their album became a platinum disc.




BEMY is a band formed by two french brothers, Elie and Mattia. Born in Bordeaux, France, they started playing together at a really young age which led to moving to England after school to pursue music education at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, Surrey. Once they completed their studies then moved to Warsaw where they won several prestigious polish competitions ( Top Trendy, Woosdstock , Jarocin ) and are now on the verge of finally releasing their long awaited album debut. They are heavily influenced by genres such as indie , french electro and blues.

Tickets for the Opening Ceremony are available on and the prices start at 10 zloty (2,5 euro). The tickets for all The World Games 2017 competitions are also available on