Mali Wspaniali – summary
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Mali Wspaniali – summary

On Tuesday, June 23 at the Academy of Physical Education in Wroclaw held a press conference concerning the conclusion of the pilot edition of ” Mali Wspaniali”. This program was attended by approx. 1,000 children from 20 kindergartens in Wrocław. Program will be continued in September, will coverage over at least 3.5 thousand preschoolers in the capital of Lower Silesia.

Promotion of physical activity and habits with a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, are the main objectives of the program “Mali Wspaniali”, which pilot edition lasted in kindergartens since last November to June. A project prepared by Wroclaw Organizing Committee of The World Games 2017 supports, among others, ambassador of TWG 2017 Anna Lewandowska. The basic objective of the program is to support the harmonious development of the child’s body, shaping the habits of proper posture and develop self-esteem.

Wroclaw Physical Fitness Test was conducted during the program. Its aim was to check the degree of physical fitness of children at the beginning and end of the project. Preliminary results indicate a significant improvement in the checked categories.

We are particularly surprised by the increase of the number of children with high physical fitness. At the beginning of the program in our research group there were only 8%. After the first edition there are 30% more – emphasized Łukasz Wójcik, project coordinator from the Infinity Foundation.


Detailed results will prepare prof. Andrzej Rokita, Deputy Rector for Student Affairs and Academic Sport. They will be presented in September, with the start of the next edition of the program.

We have compiled a lot of data to analyze, and it takes time. Academy of Physical Education in Wroclaw is from few years the best school of its kind in the country. We are encouraged that we can work with “Mali Wspaniali”. This is a very useful program.

Piotr Przygoński, president of Wroclaw Organizing Committee of The World Games 2017: – From next school year it will cover the more children. In Wroclaw in 70 training centers will be 3.5 thousand preschoolers. There are advanced talks with the Marshal Office of Lower Silesia, which has declared willingness to cooperate in creating training groups outside of Wroclaw. It is about activities for approx. 1,000 children. Ministry of Sport and Tourism has decided to co-finance the program in Lower Silesia and run it also in the provinces of Lodz and the Lesser Poland.

Program “Mali Wspaniali” is part of “heritage” of The World Games 2017. One of the main objectives of TWG in Wroclaw is to encourage inhabitants, including the youngest, to more active pursuits. The organizers of the project are the Department of Education of the City of Wroclaw and Wroclaw Organizing Committee of The World Games 2017. The academic partner is the University School of Physical Education and executive partner sports – educational Infinity Foundation.