IWGA impressed with TWG preparation status
TWG 2017

IWGA impressed with TWG preparation status

Coordinating Committee Meeting!

Yesterday the representatives of International World Games Association met with the WOC of The World Games 2017 for the Coordinating Committee (CoCom). The delegation of the IWGA The World Games was presided by President José Perurena (great former athlete and Olympian from Mexico (1968), where he competed in canoe) and IWGA’s CEO Joachim Gossow.

The WOC was represented by president Marcin Przychodny and deputy president Adam Roczek. The WOC team presented the status of the city’s preparations of the event that will be held in less than 50 days!

The IWGA delegation took a closer look at the detailed report of preparations for Wroclaw and partner cities (Świdnica, Trzebnica, Jelcz-Laskowice) for the July event. IWGA met communication and residence plans, as well as the conditions that would be created for journalists at the Main Media Center, located in BARBARA’s infopoint.

The representants were impressed by the precision with which the Opening Ceremony is being held at the Wrocław Stadium. The Closing Ceremony will take place on Wolności Square and will have less official character. Our guests also saw a speed roller track in the Millennium Park, Olympic Stadium and Marsowe Fields in the complex of the Academy of Physical Education. The deputy Sports Minister Jan Wider and his co-workers also attended the event.

What is important, the television production plans are also summarized. Effect? Today we can announce that over 380 hours will be produced in conjunction with ISB television.