I’m keeping my fingers crossed for everyone!
TWG 2017

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for everyone!

Interview with Marcin Nowak, Director of the Competitive Sports Department in the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and head of the Ministry’s representatives at The World Games 2017.


With The World Games now underway, what does this sport event mean to the Ministry Sport and Toursim?

Well, this is the largest sport event in the history of Poland. We are of the opinion that every sport event and especially an international one, is a great promotional opportunity for Poland. This is especially true when the event is broadcast in so many countries around the world. From our point of view as a government agency, it’s a sport event on the same level as the Olympic Games. And we get a good look at these sport disciplines and a chance to learn something. We would like to get a feel for these sports, their popularity and organisational system. I think it’s been an excellent learning experience for us.

You’ve done quite a lot to prepare Poland’s national teams for The World Games and outfit them with nice-looking uniforms.

It was the decision of Minister WitoldBańka to set aside approximately 20 million PLN for this. For the first time in history, we decided to outfit our teams from head to toe. And we’re proud of how they look in their red and white uniforms. It’s very important for us, since they are, after all, representing the country of Poland.

Minister Bańka came to Wrocławand spent a few days visiting the venues of The World Games. This also shows how important the Games are.

These disciplines aren’t maybe so well known to us, nor to the public at large, so that’s why we want to get in on this. It will be a learning experience for the future and I think that it will be an important part of the Ministry’s future strategy.

Now several representatives from the Ministry of Sport and Tourism are here in Wrocław. Could we say that they are really and truly a partner in The World Games?

We are a part of the team that was put together to serve the needs of The World Games and its members come from the Polish Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. We’re mostly concerned with the logistical and organisational side of things as far as Poland’s athletes are concerned. That means technical changes, changes in the participants and program, everything logistical we try to take care of and look after the various teams. It’s especially important since for most of our athletes this is their first large sporting event. And we already have experience which is invaluable, just like with an Olympic Games.

 What do you think of Wrocław and its organisation of the Games?

We’ve had a very good opinion of the organisers of the Games from the very beginning and we’ve had good contact with the Organising Committee. The venues seem to be very well-prepared as is the logistical side of things. In my opinion, Poland has shown once again that we are very good organisers, if not the best organisers of large sporting events. We don’t have to exaggerate, because there is no reason to be ashamed of what we have accomplished here.

What are your expectations from these World Games? How many medals – even though Poland already has quite a few, what level of success?

I won’t get into the final number of medals, because I don’t want to jinx things. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all our athletes and I’m counting on the fact that the invitational sports, including speedway racing (planned for Saturday) will be a big success, particularly from a media point of view. I hope to see Olympic Stadium filled to the brim and together we’ll be cheering on our team. We are counting on everyone who is taking part from our side. We have at least a few more real chances at medals and if at least half of them turn out, it will be a big success. Going back to the last Games at Cali, we had six medals. Now we have a lot more. Of course, besides the success of the organisational side of things, success on the field is also very important!