IFAF Europe Champions League in Wrocław!
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IFAF Europe Champions League in Wrocław!

WP_01-page-001This year’s final of the European Champions League in american football (IFAF Europe Champions League) will take place in Wroclaw on 22-24 of July. Wroclaw Panthers will participate in the tournament as a first Polish team in the history on this level of international competition.

Panthers Wrocław happened to be one of many this year’s surprises in Champions League. After two impressive wins the team paved their way to the promotion to Final Four tournament. Besides Polish team in the tournament will compete Koc Rams from Turkey, Milano Seamen from Italy and the Danube Dragons from Austria (with whom Panthers will face during the fight to the grand final).

This is by far the biggest event in the football history of Poland. For the first time ever in Wroclaw we will see four of the Europe best teams in american football. It is a honor for our club, which proves the continuous development and strong position in the Polish football map of the Old Continent – says Jakub Głogowski, president of Panthers Wroclaw.

The co-organizer of the tournament is Wrocław Organizing Committee of The World Games 2017. The Final Four competition will take place exactly one year before TWG, and will be part of the “One Year To Go” unique series of events that will take place in Wroclaw.

One year before the The World Games 2017 we are preparing a number of attractions and activities for citizens and visitors of Wroclaw. Very soon, we will give more details about program. It is worth to mention that american football is one of the disciplines of The World Games 2017, which is gaining new fans every day. We are pleased to have been co-organizer of Europe Champions League tournament, which will be an excellent test before next year’s The World Games 2017, in which besides Polish team we will have the opportunity to see the best teams of the world like United States, Japan and Germany – says Adam Roczek, vice-president of Wrocław Organizing Committee of The World Games 2017.

The tournament will be held on 22-24 of July. On Friday we will see semi-finals, in which  Panthers Wrocław will compete against Danube Dragons and Koc Rams against  Milano Seamen.

The winners of the two matches will face in the grand final, which will take place on Sunday, July 24.

Tickets are now available for sale on www.ebilet.pl and Empik stores in Poland. The prices starts from 15zł. More details about Final Four and additional special events will be revealed soon.