Floorball: Women’s Championships
TWG 2017

Floorball: Women’s Championships

On 4 December, the largest this year’s female sports event in floorball will start. The Women’s World Championship will be held this Friday in the Finnish Tampere.


Qualifications to the WC were held in February this year, in four different cities of our continent, one of the qualifying tournaments was held in Poznań, where the matches involving Poland were played. Our group included, inter alia, the current world champions – Swiss, Germans, Dutch and Estonian women. The Polish team moved to World Championships from second place, just behind Sweden.

Another equally successful performance of our women’s national team was this year’s Polish Open, where they played with Norway, Latvia and again with Germany. The Polish women confirmed their good form by winning against Latvia and Germany, and lost only with Norway (after penalty goals). So good performances of the Polish women this year provide hope to the fans to improve the existing results from the World Championships or making nice surprises during the competition.


During the WC, the white and red team was included in A group, where it will be difficult to promote. Strong teams from Finland, Switzerland and Norway will be the opponents of Poland. However, this does not take away the chances for further performances or being out of the group, because the teams from A and B groups will participate in Play-Off. This means that the players will again play with one of the four teams of C and D groups (the result of the match will decide whether the team “will return” to fight for 1-3 places).

The matches will be able to be seen live on the Internet. Video broadcasting will be out on two official Youtube channels of the international Floorball Federation at: www.youtube.com/iffchannel and www.youtube.com/ifflive. For more information about the Women’s World Championships in Floorball can be found on the website of the event: www.floorball.org/wfc2015.

The Women’s Polish Team will play its matches in the group stages on Friday, Saturday and Monday (4, 5 and 7 December). The results of the meeting will decide for which place Poland will fight after the group stage. Links to broadcasts are below:

4 December (Friday) 11:30 – Poland vs. Switzerland

5 December (Saturday) 13:00 – Poland vs. Norway

7 December (Monday) 17:15 – Poland vs. Finland

We remind you that foorball is one of 31 disciplines of The World Games 2017!

Source: The Polish Floorball Association and The World Games 2017