Find yourself in the forest
TWG 2017

Find yourself in the forest

Recently new project – Las Mokrzański was launched.

What is “Znajdź się w lesie” means in polish “Find yourself in the forest”and it is project directed to everyone who are interested in exploring orienteering, every kind of orienteering. You can run, walk or even bike on permanent controls.

Right now there are 3 projects in Wrocław and surroundings. You just go to website – and download, pdf quality, maps. You can choose between 3 different kinds of courses we provide:

  • easy
  • medium
  • hard

You can get also map with all controls. Everything is for free and works nonstop. Note, that website is, so far, only in Polish.

This could be an interesting addition to trainings in Wrocław area before World Cup 2016 and the World Games 2017.
We plan to open few more projects more before The World Games 2017, so stay tuned.

More info you can find on website.