Tug of War
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Tug of War

This sport represents a concept so classic that in many languages its name is used in everyday language. Tug-of-war’s long history as the purest contest of human strength provides glorious moments. In the Olympics from Paris 1900 through Antwerp 1920, in The World Games from 1981, and in Tug of War International Federation World Championships held outdoors and indoors … When the referee commands “Pick up the rope!” – “Take the strain!” – “Pull!”, adrenalin pushes eight athletes on each side to muster every ounce of strength in their bodies.

TWG 2017 Disciplines

  • Indoor 540kg/ Women
  • Outdoor 640kg/ Men
  • Outdoor 700kg/ Men


Tug of War International Federation

Tug of War International Federation

Tug of war

Polski Związek Przeciągania Liny

Polish Tug of War Federation