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About Gymnastics

The competitors prepare a two minutes long set containing free obligatory elements connected with push-ups, static force, jumps and splits. The committee evaluates the condition, difficulty, intensity and complexity of the set. Strength, stamina, incredible agility and courage out of this world. This is how acrobatic gymnastics can be briefly characterised. Spectacular figures, amazing choreographies and body movement – all accompanied by music. It is all to create a perfect combination and harmony. The gymnasts are expected to have perfect posture and control over the body no matter if they are standing on the ground, on hands, on the head of their partner or performing aerobatics in the air. In Poland, the Championships of Poland in sport aerobics have been organised since 1997. In this competition, athletes start individually, in teams or as mixed couples.

Acrobatic Gymnastics – very difficult and extremely spectacular sport discipline involving the performance of gymnastic exercises. Both men and women take part – individually, in pairs and groups. Acrobatics gymnastics includes jumps on a trampoline, jumps on a special track, team exercises. Jumps on a track were not classified as sport acrobatics until 1998. This competition is characterised by much dynamics and speed. While jumping on the trampoline, the competitors perform aerial acrobatics. Each one from two performances on the trampoline (one obligatory and one free-style) consists of ten elements. In Poland, in Wroclaw exactly, in 1995, the XII World Championship of Seniors in acrobatics gymnastics took place.


Sport disciplines involving the presentation of gymnastic sets using jumps. The jumps are performed on a trampoline, and the height of jumps – about 8 metres. In “Tumbling”, the competitor performer a series of jumps and acrobatics on a 25-metre-long track. This sport requires incredible skills, speed and coordination of moves. The competitions do now forgive mistakes or even the slightest imperfections. The judges evaluating competitors’ performances do not have an easy job to do. The evaluation includes, among other things, the height of the jumps and amplitude (i.e. the difference between the first and last jump).

Sport, which is dominated by women. It is based on the performance of gymnastic-dance systems and acrobatics with or without gear. Accessories include artistic gymnastics ball, ribbon, hoop, jump rope or even a pair of clubs. Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that requires superhuman stretching and flexibility, as well as self-expression in movement through the dance. Back in the time artistic gymnastics was also called “grace without dancing”. Individual systems in rhythmic gymnastics lasts 75 to 90 seconds. The judges rate the composition of choreography, efficiency and fluidity of movement.

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  • Aerobic Gymnastics
  • Trampoline
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