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Boules as a sport has struggled to get over its strong ties to Gaulish culture. The smoking and beret-totting players in town squares all over France hardly reflect the modern and quite athletically-demanding game that boules has become in recent years. Exceptional concentration and physical fitness are paramount to success which isn’t limited to teams from southern Europe. The national teams of Madagascar, Thailand, China and Brazil have each won medals in Pétanque, Boule Lyonnaise and Raffa at The World Games.

Countries around the northwestern Mediterranean basin – the area which saw the emergence and the early development of boules – still hold the highest concentration of boules players: 20 million enthusiasts in France and Italy alone. Well over two million players are licensed in 150 other countries on all continents, with the most significant growth currently recorded in South America and Asia.

TWG 2017 Disciplines

  • Lyonnaise
  • Petanque
  • Raffa