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American football, a sport which involves two teams of eleven players each, is one of the most popular sports in the United States. The ball for American football is a leather ellipsoid sewn on the side. Players can move the ball by kicking, carrying, throwing or passing it from hand to hand between each other but the main method of advancing it down the field is by throwing it. Points are earned in several ways, for example by moving the ball over the goal line, throwing the ball to a player behind the line – that is, in the end zone – or by kicking it through the opponent’s goal. When the time of a match runs out and the last action is finished the team with most points wins. In the event of a draw, during the regular overtime the principle of “sudden death” is applied – the equivalent of “golden goal” in football. Sometimes the game can end with a draw, if extra time does not bring a winner.

American football matches are played on a rectangular pitch with a total length of 120 yards (109.728 meters) and is 53 and 1/3 yards (48.768 meters) wide. A standard American football match consists of four 15-minute quarters with a break in the middle of the match – after the second quarter. After some actions the clock can be stopped, which can extend the match significantly, often up to more than 3 hours. Breaks are used for marketing and advertising purposes and every minute of this time is extremely valuable. In professional American football, the most important match of the year is the Super Bowl – the final championship match of the National Football League (NFL). In the US, the name of football has been reserved for this sport, which meant that football started to be called soccer there. Since November 2004, the Polish American Football Association has been operated in Poland.

During The World Games 2017 – the competition will be held at Olympic Stadium in Wrocław.

TWG 2017 Discipline

  • Man Teams


Participants in The World Games 2017 competition:

  • Poland (host country),
  • United States,
  • France
  • Germany



American football