“Crucial phase of the preparations” – only one year left!
TWG 2017

“Crucial phase of the preparations” – only one year left!

On 29 and 30 July the representatives of International World Games Association met with the WOC of The World Games 2017 for the Coordinating Committee (CoCom).

The delegation of the IWGA was presided by President José Perurena and IWGA’s CEO Joachim Gossow. The WOC was represented by president Marcin Przychodny and deputy president Adam Roczek. The WOC team presented the status of the city’s preparations the event that will be held next summer.

-With one year to go to The World Games we are happy with the progress made in all areas of the organization. We believe Wrocław is on its way to prepare outstanding Games – said IWGA’s CEO Joachim Gossow.

Opening and closing ceremonies, promotion, communication, transport, security and broadcasting issues were presented during two days of intensive meetings.

– We are entering a crucial phase of the preparations. We are happy to have the opportunity to benefit from IWGA’s experience and know-how. It is essential. We have set an ambitious goal and host a Games to remember – stated Marcin Przychodny, WOC’s president.