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Media accreditation process for The World Games 2017 now underway. Since now, members of the media may begin applying to receive their accreditation documents. To submit an application, interested parties should click on the link below leading to the accreditation system. After a registration with the system the applicants will be directed to a form, which should be filled out according the instructions provided.


It should be noted that submitting an application does not automatically guarantee that an accreditation will be issued. Information regarding the application’s acceptance or rejection will be sent to the e-mail address designated by the applicant during the registration process.

Applications will be accepted until 14th June. In the case of a particularly high level of interest and limited space in some venues, the WOC may issue additional entrance passes for some competitions.

Journalists working in cooperation with International Federations of The World Games sports, National Olympic Committees or the International Olympic Committee itself are kindly requested to mark the appropriate box on the application form. TWG2017 accreditation team will seek confirmation from the appropriate organization that the person in question has been delegated.

All questions and queries in connection with the accreditation process should be directed to:

Accreditations will be available for pickup beginning 18 July in the Main Media Centre located in Infopoint Barbara at Świdnicka Street 8c, Wrocław.



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