Closing Ceremony attractions
TWG 2017

Closing Ceremony attractions

Only three days of competitions remain. The World Games 2017 will conclude on 30 July with the Closing Ceremony. It will begin at 21.00 on Wolności Square, which has served as the fan zone of The World Games Plaza over the last seven days.

One of the biggest attractions of the Closing Ceremony will be a concert by Europe’s largest big band Rebel Babel Ensemble. The wind orchestra under the direction of Łukasz L.U.C Rostkowski will present a unique audovisual spectacle set to an invigorating musical composition. They will be accompanied by several soloists native to Wrocław: Ania Kłys, Natalia Lubrano, Girls on Fire, Mesajah and Nullo. In addition to their original compositions, the musicians of the Rebel Babel Ensemble will perform several pieces composed by the band’s leader and co-founder Jan Feat.

The Closing Ceremony will provide the one and only opportunity to see Rebel Babel in such form as they have never before been performed in such a composition and probably never will again. For this reason, the Closing Ceremony of The World Games will have a decidedly “Wrocław” sound – and that a very loud one! Besides their normal musical lineup, the band will invite the assembled fans to join them as they play a special piece using officials’ whistles.

Rebel Babel is an international, multilingual wind orchestra. Jan Feat, the band’s co-founder is a Dane of Polish descent who travels around the continent, bringing together wind band fans, writing hip-hop symphonies and organising flashmobs – and in the process – bringing music to the streets of Europe.

The Closing Ceremony will present an opportunity for TWG 2017 athletes to say goodbye to fans and the representatives of the next host city of The World Games – Birmingham, Alabama – will collect the official TWG flag, which they will keep until the next edition of the Games in 2021. 

Fan zone in The World Games Plaza:

27.07, at 20.00, Electro Acoustic Beat Session (with guest stars Waldemar Kasta, Bitamina and Hades)
28.07, at 20.00, Joint Venture Sound System, Vavamuffin
29.07, at 20.00, Rebeka
30.07, at 21.00-23.00 – Closing Ceremony of the Games

Admission to all events in the fan zone is free of charge.