Billiard sports underway
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Billiard sports underway

The billiard sport competitions being held at the Wrocław Congress Centrehave enjoyed great interest, judging not only by the number of fans in attendance, but also by the size of the Polish national team participating. The first day of the tournament furnished more than enough reason to admire the talents of the home team. After a defeat in their first matchup, they followed up with two strong victories.

The biliard sports opening ceremony started things off at 9.30 in the WCC. The representatives from every national team set to compete – from Morocco, the Phillipines, USA and Switzerland to Estonia, Pakistan and of course, Poland –came together onto the “playing field” in the hall to get things started.

Shortly after 10.00, DawidTonojan of Poland stepped out to face Spaniard Daniel Sanchez in the karambol – a type of billiards originating in France. Despite a valiant effort, Tonojan was defeated 40:9. His teammate, OliwiaCzupryńska fared better in 9-pocket pool, taking down Russian Natalia Seroshtan 9:5.

I’m really to see so many fans here,” said Czupryńska, still smiling shortly after the match. “I can still feel the emotion of the match, as if I were still playing!” Poland’s lone snooker player, KacperFilipiak, also started out well, beating Aditya Mehta of India 3:1.

Lower Silesian and Lubinnative MieszkoFortuński took to the table in the last evening session. With a strong motivation to show off before local fans, no matter what the result, Fortuńska charged out of the gate in good form and defeated Chinese world champion Chin Jiaquing Wu 11:10.

In tomorrow’s action, Mateusz Śniegocki will get on the board at 12:30 in karambol. He will face Pedro Piedrabuena from the USA.