Another American victory
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Another American victory

The lacrosse tournament favourites – the Americans – claimed another victory. Meanwhile, Poland fell to Australia 21:0.

The second day of The World Games competition in women’s lacrosse started  with a decisive victory for the tournament favourites – the USA. They defeated Great Britain by a total of 8 goals, by a score of 14:6. The top scorer from among the teams from across the ocean was Canadian Alyssa Murray (3 goals, 4 assists). Her teammate Gussie Jones (goalkeeper) had this to say about the match:

“We know that we are the favourites of these Games and we like the pressure, the hard games, to show the world every day what a wonderful sport lacrosse is. Maybe in a few years time it will be possible to bring it into the Olympic Games, who knows?”

The Polish women’s team suffered a painful defeat, falling to Australia (the fourth-ranked team in the world 21:0). “This defeat hurts a little more than the one yesterday with the USA,” said Alicja Ogorzałek. “Yesterday we were very excited to play the world champion, even though Australia isn’t that much worse.”

Even though Poland will not play in the final, there is no desire to slack. With the permission and blessing of the American and Canadian teams and manages, the home team will train twice tomorrow.

“We are so happy, because we really wanted to ask the girls from the other teams if it would be possible to practice, but we thought they wouldn’t agree. After all, they just played a few weeks ago in the world championships! Now – again – we’ll be so excited we can’t sleep!” said Ogorzałek.

After falling to Canada 15:8, Japan took fifth place in the qualifiers, just ahead of Poand. This means that the USA will face Great Britain in the grand finale with Canada squaring off against Australia. The matches will commence at 10.00 and 13.00.

Poland will face Japan on Sunday, 30 July in the second-to-last match.