Invitation Sports


The Wrocław Panthers are pleased to welcome boys age 9-12 to join their first-ever youth team “Minis” and get a taste of American football while training with one of the best teams in Poland under the guidance of experienced coaches from both Poland and the USA.

Over the years Wrocław has become synonymous with success in American football.  Its senior teams have been particularly effective on the field winning 11 medals as champions of Poland with the two-time defending champion Panthers junior team not far behind.  With the Minis youth team the team hopes to take the next step in its development.

“We realise that training children at a young age is very important.  Already 17 players from Wrocław have found a place on the Polish national team and will hopefully have a chance to play during The World Games 2017.  Our goal is to give the next generation of players the training to achieve even greater success,” says Jakub Głogowski, general manager of the Wrocław Panthers.

The Minis youth team will be playing flag-football which means it involves much less physical contact than regular American football and thus is entirely safe for children to play.  Practices will start at the end of September and will be conducted by, among others, Nick Johansen, head coach of the Wrocław Panthers whose experience includes youth programs in Austria’s American football league.

“As the popularity of American football grows in Poland, it’s only logical to begin teaching children its rules and techniques.” explains Johansen. “In the Minis team we will be focusing not only on the rules of the game, but also on different techniques of movement, tackling etc.  And of course another big advantage of our program is having extra contact with English.”



Panthers officials hope that those participating in the Minis program will take part in the interscholastic flag football program being organised in cooperation with the City of Wrocław and will later be able to join the junior team having already gained 5-6 years of experience on the field.

“The Minis team is the next big step for our program.  Our aim is not only to help the kids develop their athletic skills, but also to teach them cooperation, teamwork and the basic life-skills that can help them grow in other areas of their life.” says Głogowski

Practices will be conducted twice a week and will be held indoors.

To sign up, please contact or for further information by phone call: 602 504 382

transl. Ian Simpson