East Cluster

east cluster

The cluster comprises:

Complex at Wystawowa Street including:
• Centennial Hall, Wystawowa 1 – Gymnastics and Dance Sport
• Centennial Hall – Wroclaw Congress Center – Billiards
• Pergola Centennial Hall & Szczytnicki Park, Wystawowa 1, University Of Physical Education Witelona Athletic Stadium –
• Pergola Centennial Hall where will be held ArcheryOrienteering relay race and Bules

• Sport complex of University of Physical Education at Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego Street:

• Olympic Stadium after modernization – Speedway and American football,
• University Of Physical Education, multi-function hall – Tug of War,
• Marsowe Fields – Tug of War,
• P5 Complex, Beach Fields Beach Handball, Football Field Ultimate Frisbee,
• WKK Sport Center hall at Czajcza Street – Korfball and Floorball,
• Sport Complex GEM at Mianowskiego Street, there will be held martial arts as Ju-Jitsu and Karate

• Olawka Stadium – Fistball and Lacrosse