All competitions of The World Games 2017 will be held in sports arenas, stadiums and multifunctional objects, that in most, already exist in Wroclaw. Those objects will be adapted to the needs of international competitions, television reports and will be tested before TWG.

The largest investments will be modernization of the swimming pool at Wejherowska Street, resulting in the creation of a new 50-meters long, indoor swimming pool for water sports and modernization of the Olympic Stadium. In The Millennium Park complex, which is located in the vicinity of Nowy Dwor, will be build modern skating track and sports courts for beach sports.

Each of investments and modernization of objects is carried out in view of the wide availability of these objects for Wroclaw residents. Thanks to this, by the way of organization of great sport event, sports base of the city will be expanded and modernized.

 west cluster  Central cluster  east cluster


Airport Szymanów – air sports


The beech forest in Trzebnica – Orienteering – middle distance


Świdnica Icerink – in-line hockey and artictic roller skating


Sport Complex in Jelcz – Laskowice, Oławska Street (under construction) – indoor rowing