…about the idea of TWG2017
TWG 2017

…about the idea of TWG2017

Panel-Dyskusyjny1Think when running, i.e. the lectures and advice for the marathon runners.

On Saturday, 12 September, the day before the 33rd PKO Wrocław Marathon, the special Discussion Panel will be held, during which the topics of proper preparation to run over a distance of 42 kilometres 195 meters will be discussed, or a detailed discussion on new developments in training for a marathon will be held.

The invited speakers include, Prof., Ph.D. Piotr Ponikowski, Prof., Ph.D. Jan Chmura, Jerzy Skarżyński – one of the best Polish marathoners of the 1980s, a journalist and a runner who achived the Polsih Crown Marathons – Maciej Kurzajewski.

The topics will also include the idea of The World Games 2017! The issues will be implemented by: the Marketing Manager – Marcin Budzyński and the Volunteering Coordinator – Lech Guzowski from the Wrocław Organizing Committee.

The patron of this event is  Kazimierz Witkowski, Ph.D., from the Wrocław Academy of Physical Education. The Saturday panel starts exactly at 6:00 pm. The lectures will be held in room 103 of P1 building of the Wrocław Academy of Physical Education.