The World Games and the Olympic Movement
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The World Games and the Olympic Movement

Kit McConnell, Sports Director of the IOC, stresses the importance of The World Games for the Olympic Movement. At the Annual General Meeting in Sochi (Russia) Kit McConnell explained his strategy of close cooperation between IOC and IWGA to the representatives of the 37 IWGA member federations. His speech was in full compliance with the statement that IWGA President José Perurena gave at the AGM: “Our plan is to work together and to include The World Games in the Olympic Movement in favor of our athletes and our IF’s.”


Kit McConnell, Sports Director of the IOC

Kit McConnell stated: “It’s fantastic  for me to speak to our partner organization on behalf of the IOC President and everyone involved in the IOC. We look forward to joining you on your journey as we move forward to Wroclaw 2017 and Birmingham four years later. We intend to be a key partner in building the value of your sports and The World Games.”

Echoing IWGA President Jose Perurena, he referred to Recommendation 6 of the Olympic Agenda 2020. Kit McConnell named it a “key recommendation”. It advises “the International World Games Association and the IOC to closely cooperate on the sports programme composition and evaluation.” From the perspective of Kit McConnell and the IOC: “This recommendation recognizes the growing value of the World Games. We feel the potential to continue that growth and the value of The World Games.”

He added: “In Wroclaw 2017 we will have a strong presence on the ground to see your sports taking place. He promised too: “In every one of the other initiatives the IOC undertakes in terms of communication and partnership we will reflect our relationship with The World Games and the IWGA. We will equally involve The World Games in each of our athletes’ programmes.

One of the opportunities offered to TWG and the IWGA member federations is the IOC’s new Olympic Channel. Yiannis Exarchos, CEO of the Olympic Broadcasting Services repeated the commitment of IOC President Dr. Thomas Bach: The Olympic Channel will be available for the whole sports community.

And he underlined: “The World Games and its sports are really important for us, because we see them as a laboratory for the Olympic Games. This synergy needs to be encouraged for the future.” Furthermore he said: “For me The World Games events typify a shift in the way society views active participation in sport. We need to document this shift, with your help. It reflects the new reality of life. It reflects the way the younger generation is approaching a physical way of living. For me it is important to document with your assistance this shift.

Summarizing his invitation to participate in this new media platform, Yiannis Exarchos promised: “This channel will be an open forum for you to promote and to share the excitement of The World Games’ sports.”

Hermann Kewitz, IWGA’s Press Officer