2016 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships start in China
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2016 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships start in China

2016 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships start Friday in China

PUTIAN (CHN) — The winds of change are blowing through the world of Acrobatic Gymnastics: Russia’s Marina Chernova is the only reigning queen who can defend her title at this week’s the World Championships in Putian, China, where six titles are up for grabs.

Putian welcomes 152 athletes from 21 countries – including first-time competitor Iran – as gymansts get set to compete for World glory. While Chernova, who competes in Mixed Pairs, is the only 2014 World gold medallist attempting to defend her title, competition on the Acro scene is ripe with new faces hungry for glory at the world level.

Acrobatic Gymnastics has a long and successful history in China. The country’s celebrated Men’s Group has won the past two World titles with gasp-worthy, gravity defying Acrobatics, and this year a the new four-man Group of Zheng Li, Luoming Rui, Zhang Teng and Zhou Jiahuai, aims to continue the tradition.

“We are delighted to be in China, to be able to promote this sport here in such a large Asian country,” said FIG Vice President Slava Corn at a delegation meeting Wednesday. “I am convinced that with this help, Acrobatic Gymnastics will continue to develop in China.”


Marina Chernova (RUS), the only defending World Champion in Putian

How it works

Acrobatic Gymnastics, one of the most aesthetic disciplines of Gymnastics, is also the only one in which all gymnasts work with at least one partner to perform complicated Acrobatic series. Gymnasts perform in one of five Acro categories: Women’s Pair, Men’s Pair, Mixed Pair, Women’s Trio andMen’s Group. A team title will also be awarded.

Three routines are performed in competition: A Balance exercise (focusing on hand balances); a Dynamic exercise (focusing on throws and other complicated Acrobatic elements); and a Combined Exercise, containing elements of both.

The top eight groups in each category following the qualification rounds advance to the World finals, where they will perform their Combined exercise a second time. The top three Combined exercises in finals determine the medallists.

Musicality and Artistry are also paramount: the best performances can transcend athletics, blurring the boundaries between sport and art. Routines receive scores for technical merit, execution and artistry, which are combined to form the final score.

Mixed Pair Alexis Martin and Camille Curti (FRA) at the 2014 Acro Worlds.

Qualification to The World Games 2017

The best in Putian will also qualify their countries a place to compete at The World Games next year in Wroclaw, Poland. Apart from the World Championships, the World Games, an Olympic Games-style event for non-Olympic disciplines, is considered the premiere event for Acrobatic gymnasts.

At the end of the qualification round, the top five countries in each category will have earned places to compete in Wroclaw, with a maximum of one place per country. An additional berth in each discipline may be attributed by the FIG Executive Committee following the competition to assure host country participation or continental representation.

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