100 days to go!
TWG 2017

100 days to go!

Three platforms, 400 artists, including symphony orchestra, dance groups and music stars. Opening Ceremony will be the impressive start to the biggest multisport event of the year!

Ceremony takes place on  20th of July at 7 p.m. in the Wroclaw Stadium and it will last 2 hours.

In total  270 tons of constructions will be built at the vebue. Scenography will take in total 25 thousand of square meters and  800 square meters of LED screens will be in use. Everything will be transported by over 300 people in 60 trucks!

Artistic conception of the Opening Ceremony is made by polish director and TV producer – Krzysztof Materna. He is responsible for direction of show, details of scenario, artists, choreographer, compositors, sound system specialists and all special effects of Ceremony.

– “It is a big honor for me to be chosen as a main director of such big show as the Opening of The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw. For me it is also a chance to meet with the audience of the great city. City of positive with good energy, who participate in all cultural events in the capital of Lower Silesian region.This is a big challenge! Opening Ceremony is  time to welcome all international fans and competitors” – he says.

Radzimir “Jimek” Dębski, Steve Nash & Turntable Orchestra, Dawid Kwiatkowski, Kamil Bednarek, Igor Herbut from “Lemon” band or BeMy are just some of the musical stars that you will see and hear during this event.

Tickets for the Opening Ceremony are available on ebilet.pl and the prices start at 10 zloty (2,5 euro). The tickets for all The World Games 2017 competitions are also available on ebilet.pl.